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The Cairngorms Trust is the operating name of Cairngorms Local Action Group Trust, a charity registered in Scotland, Charity number SC046495


Cairngorms Trust

The Cairngorms Trust is a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation).  The organisation's purposes are wholly charitable and, in particular, are to advance, for the benefit of the public, sustainable and community led local development within and outwith Scotland. The Cairngorms Trust Board are the directors of the Cairngorms Trust and form the Local Action Group.


Cairngorms Local Action Group

The Cairngorms Local Action Group (LAG) is a group of local people from all walks of life who are representative of different parts of the community including residents, businesses, charities and the Public Sector.  They decide how to invest LEADER funding in the Cairngorms to best deliver the Local Development Strategy (LDS).

Cairngorms LAG members volunteer their time, skills and knowledge to support community led local development through securing and disbursing funding for projects. The Cairngorms LAG was formed through an open recruitment process. A skills matrix was used to ensure the range of skills and experience necessary were engaged to deliver the LDS.

The Cairngorms National Park Authority act at the Accountable Body for the Cairngorms LAG by employing staff to deliver the programme and providing financial processing support.

Find out who the Cairngorms Local Action Group are here

The CLAG meet quarterly to decide best how to invest funds to deliver the LDS.  You can find out when they are meeting and what other events are being held by going to our events calendar.

LAG meeting dates in 2018 are: 28th February, 23rd May, 30st August, 28th November


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