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The Cairngorms Trust is the operating name of Cairngorms Local Action Group Trust, a charity registered in Scotland, Charity number SC046495


Expressions of Interest

Completing and submitting the Expression of Interest (EoI)

The submission of an EoI is the first step in applying for LEADER funding.  It is your opportunity to present your initial ideas/needs to the Local Action Group. At this stage, there is no requirement for a full project plan to be in place.

The EoI is submitted through the Scottish Rural Network. You must answer all the questions on the form (with the required fields). Once you have completed all the relevant sections you can press submit.   The form will then be sent to us for consideration.  

Applicants submitting an EoI for a cooperation project (more than one Local Action Group area) must submit the EoI to your Local Action Group, listing the other LAG areas that you anticipate the project covering.

Assessing the EOI

Your EoI will be assessed for:

  • -          fit with the relevant Local Development Strategy
  • -          suitability for LEADER funding
  • -          level of funding requested

Please refer to the following guidance that has been specifically written for the Cairngorms Local Action Group area.

Field Notes
Applicant Organisation Name This is the name that the organisation is generally known as and will   normally be the same as the organisation’s formal title. This will be the organisation name supplied   at the point of application for a BRN (Business Registration Number)
Contact Name This is the person who has formal responsibility and authority to submit requests for funding, on behalf of the organisation
Position in Organisation Confirmation of   the role of the Contact name, e.g. Director, Treasurer, Owner

Organisation Type: (Community  Group, 3rd Sector Org, Farmer, Private, Public)

The type of organisation should be set out, e.g. Community Interest Company, Charity, Ltd Company, Development Trust, Local Authority
Contact Address This is the address of the organisation named above and will be used for all   correspondence. It does not have to be in the same LAG area as the proposed project as long as the project is implemented in the LAG area
Phone Number Numeric details only, either landline or mobile number of the contact person named above
Email Address The email address normally used for the organisation’s correspondence. This may be the personal email of the contact
Website This field is not mandatory. Where applicable, a link should be provided
Project Name Unlike the organisation name above, this is the name that the organisation has chosen to best describe the individual project
Local  Action Group (LAG) Area This refers to the location of the project, NOT that of the organisation and choice is made only from the dropdown selection.
Project Location (location in which the   project is taking place. If your   organisation is an agricultural business please provide MLC Main Location Code – if you have more than   one, list all.)

Clear address details including postcode to allow checking that project is taking place in   correct LAG area. If you do not know the postcode, or it covers more than one postcode, please clearly state which areas your project covers

If your project covers the whole of the National Park, then please confirm this

Estimated Cost (in £ sterling) The total value of the whole project

Estimated  LEADER Cost

(Total   value required from LEADER towards total project cost, in £ sterling)

The amount of LEADER funding requested. This is the applicant’s initial request, so the   final percentage of grant awarded may vary considerably from this figure. The LAG intend to achieve value for money on investment therefore you should   consider the impact your project will have in supporting the Local Development Strategy when deciding how much funding you would like to request from the LAG

General Statement

(Please describe your proposed project in no more than 500 words including information on who, when, why, where and what.)

Fit with the Local Development Strategy (LDS)

Describe your project clearly and briefly. You must demonstrate how your project fits   with 2 themes in the LDS. Please confirm how you will be working in partnership to deliver the project - This might be communities, businesses or   other organisations that you have identified that you could work with on development and perhaps delivery of your project. Please include possible timescales for your project

Suitability for LEADER funding

Please tell us why your project is suitable for LEADER funding. Bear in mind that the LAG cannot support   projects that are a statutory responsibility of another public body such as formal training through a school or college. The LAG is unlikely to support projects that can be funded through other EU or SRDP funding programmes

Level of funding requested

Please tell us why you are requesting the level of funding stated above and where   else you might be able to access further funding for the project from. If you have already identified and sourced match funding please confirm how much and from whom. Can you also put in a very brief breakdown of your budget for the total project

Contact with the LAG

LAG staff will contact you once your Expression of Interest has been received to discuss your need/idea. Follow up work may include a meeting and/or a request for clarification/further information. They will then advise you whether or not the proposal should proceed to full application.

Next Steps

If the LAG staff do not agree to your proposal proceeding, you will be provided with feedback on why the EoI was rejected alongside suggestions for future submission or alternative potential funding options.

If your proposal proceeds to application the LAG team will be on hand to work with you to develop your idea. You will be asked to provide further details to enable the Local Action Group to set you up on the online grant management system (LARCS), available Autumn 2016.  Until then as an interim measure, a hard copy application form and guidance will be made available from March 2016.

 Note: the acceptance of your EoI at this stage is not a guarantee of future funding. The Local Action Group has absolute discretion in the determination of an application for LEADER funding.