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The Cairngorms Trust is the operating name of Cairngorms Local Action Group Trust, a charity registered in Scotland, Charity number SC046495


March 2017 Programme Update

Cairngorms Local Action Group are delighted to provide an update on the Cairngorms LEADER 2014-20 programme.
To date we have supported 14 projects from across the National Park with a total spend of £2,393,368, including a total LEADER grant commitment of £1,327,079, which represents 60% of overall Cairngorms LEADER project allocation.
We currently have an active and competitive pipeline of project proposals representing a potential LEADER commitment of £931,661, which would see our programme fully committed if all approaches are successful in their funding applications.
We are of course happy to support new enquiries, however proposals will need to be developed with consideration to the limited funding available and increased competitiveness for those funds.
If you have a project idea please do contact one of our Project Development & Support Officers on 01479 870554 or 01479 870537